Our Purpose, Vision, Values and Structure

Over the last 50 years, EPS has grown in numbers, strength and diversity of markets. We are constantly evolving and changing and so it is imperative that we have a clear purpose and vision to drive us, a set of inherent company values to adhere to and a defined structure.


Safely delivering sustainable global water and wastewater resources for our customers and their communities, whilst fostering and promoting ethical standards with the highest of integrity.


We aim to be the best and most rewarding place to work for our teams, to be our customer’s outstanding partner of choice and we are committed to being a Net Zero, sustainable business.


We value:

– Our People

– Inclusivity

– Diversity


We value being:

– Progressive

– Experts at what we do 

– Supportive 

– Reliable

– Truly Customer Focused

We are focused on the global provision of clean water for our customers and their communities.

We aim to be the best place to work for our employees, to be our customers partner of choice and to be the most sustainable company in our industry.

We value being: Progressive, Experts at what we do, Supportive, Reliable and Client/Customer focused

Our Companies

Operating Divisions