Inverters & Batteries

eCactus AGAVE-SH 5kW + 5kW/10kW Battery
All-In-One (Single Phase) 10 Year Warranty

The eCactus 5kW all-in-one storage system is a versatile, reliable, high-quality solar product, which ensures you get the most out of your PV system.

It combines a hybrid inverter and an LFP (Lithium FerroPhosphate) battery into one unit, suitable for both on-grid and off-grid thermal and chemical stability. 

It offers up to 150% oversizing and has one of the highest DC/AC conversion efficiencies. It also has one of the best MPPT operating ranges in the market and is specifically designed to combat generation challenges in low light conditions such as Ireland & UK, particularly in winter. The system can use up to 10 kWh battery storage, more than enough to keep your domestic home powered by day, but with more compact options available for different needs. It complies with all ESB micro-generational regulations.

This unit is ideal for use in critical systems, as it includes a built-in backup box for UPS-level preparedness during blackouts, with a switching
time of less than 10ms.


Home Energy Management System

Helps manage your smart home

Livoltek 5kW /5-20kWh
All-In-One (Single Phase) 10 Year Warranty

Livoltek’s all-in-one system consists of a 5kW hybrid inverter (single phase) and between 5-20 kWh of low voltage battery storage depending on the customer’s requirements. The hybrid inverter can be loaded up to a 7.5 kWp system, while meeting all ESB Network requirements to avail of the SEAI grant. Its clean design ensures that the all-in-one can be installed anywhere within a domestic environment.

KSTAR 10kW/10-40kW
All-In-One (3 Phase) 10 Year Warranty

KSTAR All-In-One 3 Phase 10 kW inverter and 10 kWh battery is one of the most unique products on the current market. It allows for up to 200% oversizing allowing a 20kWp system to be applied which is hugely beneficial for the Irish climate. It also has the benefit of using CATL batteries, which have a cycle lifetime of >10,000 cycles, almost twice the lifespan of other batteries. Its aesthetic look allows it to slot into any commercial environment with minimal fuss. This all-in-one system also complies with ESB Network regulations.