Inverters & Batteries

eCactus AGAVE-SH 5kW/5-20kWh
All-In-One (Single Phase)

eCactus 5kW all-in-one storage system is a high-quality solar product that ensures you get the most out of your PV system. It offers up to 150% oversizing and has one of the highest DC/AC conversion efficiencies. It also has one of the best MPPT operating ranges in the market and is specifically designed to combat generation challenges in low light conditions such as Ireland & UK, particularly in winter. The system can use up to 10 kWh battery storage, more than enough to keep your domestic home powered by day. It complies with all ESB micro-generational regulations.

Livoltek 5kW /5-20kWh
All-In-One (Single Phase)

Livoltek all-in-one system consists of a 5kW hybrid inverter (single phase) and between 5-20 kWh of low voltage battery storage depending on the customer’s requirements. The hybrid inverter can be loaded up to a 7.5 kWp system, while meeting all ESB Network requirements to avail of the SEAI grant. Its clean design ensures that the all-in-one can be installed anywhere within a domestic environment.

KSTAR 10kW/10kWH
All-In-One (3 Phase)

KSTAR All-In-One 3 Phase 10 kW inverter and 10 kWh battery is one of the most unique products on the current market. It allows for up to 200% oversizing allowing a 20kWp system to be applied which is hugely beneficial for the Irish climate. It also has the benefit of using CATL batteries, which have a cycle lifetime of >10,000 cycles, almost twice the lifespan of other batteries. Its aesthetic look allows it to slot into any commercial environment with minimal fuss. This all-in-one system also complies with ESB Network regulations.