Solar Pumps

Pedrollo Solar Kits

The FLUID SOLAR pumps have been developed to pump clean water from a well, utilising energy obtained from photovoltaic panels. The electronic control incorporated into the high performance motor converts the exit voltage from the panels and regulates the velocity of rotation of the motor in order to utilise the available energy most efficiently at any one time. On a sunny day, there will be a high velocity of rotation with a raised performance of the pump and on a cloudy day, the velocity and the performance will be reduced.

Nera Solar Kits

The most compact and reliable solution for solar pumping applications. NERA solar pumps have been developed to meet the needs of low-power and low-cost pumping systems without sacrificing quality, reliability and performance. For this reason, unique technological features are concentrated in NERA.

NERA pumps are fed by DC voltage with wide margins of operating voltage (70-190 VDC).

In applications using photovoltaic panels, the MPPT algorithm maximizes  the electric power obtained from the panels and therefore the amount of water extracted while factoring in various conditions of radiation and temperature.

Pump speed is adjusted in relation to solar radiation. When solar radiation increases, the pump will run faster and will pump more water. When solar radiation decreases (clouds moving or different hours of the day) the pump will reduce its frequency and delivery but it will continue pumping until solar radiation reaches the minimum value necessary for working.

MAC Solar Kit

This innovative system is ideal for use in water wells, storage systems, irrigation, livestock watering, wherever a power supply is not available or where the user wants to save electricity. When the photovoltaic system provides sufficient power, the inverter gradually starts the pump, changing the rotation regime constantly (thus optimizing the output) depending on solar radiation.

Kit Composition


MIDA Solar Inverter Kits

A MIDA Solar inverter kit has been designed for use with any type of traditional AC pumping system. This next generation of inverter technology allows for retrofit in most existing installations.

A MIDA Solar inverter will convert the DC power from a PV system to provide power to an existing pump system.

The system offers complete protection against over voltage, over current and dry run.

Power generation will increase and decrease depending on the level of solar radiation.

With the MP (multiplier) version, the inverter can be powered by both DC from the PV panel installation or it can alternate to AC power from the grid if PV DC power is not available or sufficient to power your pump.

The system is automated and can switch from power source as required and can be set up for operation based on:

Lorentz Solar Pump Kit

The Lorentz solar pump kit is a solar powered 4-inch submersible pump that has the capability of pumping water at a head of 17m at a flow rate of 3m3/hr. Its low voltage requirements ensure that 2 x 540W modules can power the pump all-year round, even in low light conditions. We have tested this system in Irish conditions.