The 1960's

Where it all began

22 year old Gerald Buckley & 25 year old John Joe Sheehan formed a partnership called Kanturk Electrical and Farm Services. They opened their doors on Main Street, Kanturk on Saturday, December 14th 1968. Their stated aim was to make “the housewife’s lot an easier one”.

With rural electrification, they knew first hand that a market existed for electric cookers; washing machines; heaters & dryers but they also specialised in the sale of milking machines & offered “expert attention and first class after sales service”.

The 1970's

Making the Move

Gerald Buckley & John Joe Sheehan parted ways in the early 70’s. Gerald and Paddy Buckley formed Kanturk Electrical & Pump Services Ltd. and Electrical & Pump Services Ltd. in early 1972. Tadhg and Betty joined as directors in late 1972.

The company moved from Kanturk to Mallow in 1975 but the premises was not officially opened until 1976.

The 70’s also saw the expansion of the business outside Cork, as it began to develop a regional presence in Galway – subsequently Ballyhaunis – & Mountrath.

The 1980's

Living in the 80’s

The 80’s marked a huge
turning point with the first Irish acquisition, the water division of the Lister Group. This strategic move made EPS a leading player in the Irish water sector, winning its first large contract for the South Park Pumping Station in Galway as part of the city’s main drainage scheme.

The company moved to a larger premises in Ballyhaunis in 1984, with further expansion carried out on the strategically located distribution centres around Ireland.

EPS expanded overseas, securing contracts for UK water & industrial customers, as they partnered with Aquapure in 1985 & purchased the company in later years.

The 1990's

Strategic Partnerships

A new centralised distribution centre was established in Mallow, which included one of Ireland’s first pump testing centres. There was also further investment in a new distribution centre in Mountrath.

This was timely, as the Irish Government’s first major National Development Plan saw a huge investment in Irish water infrastructure, leading to a period of significant growth.

Across the Irish Sea, there was
a continued export focus, as activity abroad increased in the UK & Middle East (Bahrain) through Aquapure. The company secured numerous contracts for water companies including Welsh Water, Thames Water & Scottish Water.

The 2000's

Entering the Millennium

EPS established its credentials as one of the early movers
to drive the Design, Build, Operate (DBO) model in Ireland for the delivery of water infrastructure & secured the 20 year operation contract for the Dundalk & Drogheda Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Company growth continued with the acquisition of AH Cullen & the opening of a new head office & Research & Development centre in Mallow.

Having had a more domestic focus for the previous decade, efforts were concentrated on re-entering the UK market.

The 2010's

Investing, Evolving & Expanding

This decade has seen the retirement of the original founders, owners, directors & senior management team as the company transitioned to its second generation of management.

Expansion continued with
an investment in Pedrollo Distribution (ENG), DPS Ltd. (NI) & the formation of a joint venture – meps – in partnership with MWH Treatment – for the delivery of off-site solutions.

EPS introduced RHDHV’s award- winning Nereda® wastewater treatment technology to Ireland & put an increased focus on product diversification & collaboration with key partners & suppliers.

The People

The faces of EPS

As we reflect on the past 50 years, there are many treasured memories of those who have crossed through our various doors & worked alongside us.

We are proud to say that many are still with EPS to this day, others moved on to pursue other career paths & goals & some to their eternal reward.

As a family business, we value the contributions made by each & every
one, as our people are the backbone of the company & its growth and success to date.

The Communities

Local Commitment

No matter the project or contract size, we know that all our work takes place in the heart of a local community & we are always proud to take one step further to ensure our influence is felt far & wide.

Wherever we are operating, whether small & rural or a large conurbation, we are always proud to contribute to the community initiatives being undertaken by sporting organisations, committees & charities delivering in those areas.

The Recognition

Pride in Our Achievements

We strive to be the best we can be & to lead within our chosen sectors and markets, so it is a source of immense pride when our team’s efforts & achievements are recognised on a national or international scale.

We are proud that over
the last 50 years, EPS
has been recognised in
the fields of business, management, digital technology, environmental sustainability & more.