EPS Group and Global Water Solutions Celebrate 15 Years of Thriving Partnership

Showcasing Product Excellence and Collaborative Success

We take pride in the acknowledgment of our 15-year product partnership with Global Water Solutions Limited, a recognition highlighted during Peter Teah’s recent visit to our Mallow head office.

Our inventory includes a range of Global products, such as Pressurewave, Challenger, FlowThru, Fibreglass, Heatwave, Solarwave, and SuperFlow tanks. Some of their reliable pressure vessels serve as integral components in our Multiboost and Powerboost ranges.

Peter strategically posed with our Product Distribution team in proximity to our extensive Global stock. Looking forward, we are filled with anticipation for the ongoing growth and fortification of our successful partnership with Global Water Solutions Limited in the years that lie ahead.

The foundation of trust, reliability, and shared commitment to excellence sets the stage for continued collaboration and mutual success.