Global collaboration transforms lives in Sigitio Solai, Kenya with clean water

Empowering Sigitio Solai: Clean water, community projects with Le Cheilè

We are proudly committed to communities all over the world and have recently contributed to the amazing work being done by Le Cheilè Africa they make the impossible possible in Sigitio Solai, Kenya.
As water is the key to life, one of their priority projects was to remove the dangers posed by drinking dirty water such as typhoid, cholera or E. Coli infections by providing a fresh drinking water supply to the community and in time, moving towards self-sustainability via their Community Farming project.

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to offer valuable technical guidance in selecting the appropriate borehole pump and motor to meet their specific requirements. Additionally, we made a significant financial contribution towards the procurement of these essential components. The evident progress captured in the pictures underscores their swift and effective implementation of the project.

Our involvement extends to supporting various crucial initiatives. One noteworthy project in progress is the construction of Wesley’s Munch Soup Kitchen, a permanent facility named in memory of the esteemed Wesley Carey from Mallow. This initiative is poised to make a substantial impact by providing nourishment to 1500 people on a weekly basis, reflecting our commitment to sustainable and impactful community development.

On his most recent trip back from Kenya, Derry Desmond of Le Cheile Africa popped in to thank John O’Brien of our Product Sales team for his advice on the project.
We couldn’t be happier to have played a part in making such an immediate and positive difference to people’s lives.