Wastewater Treatment for Smaller Communities

EPS offers a turnkey service to housing developers for larger-scale on-site wastewater treatment plants, enabling land that cannot be adequately serviced by the water utilities to be released for development.

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Wastewater Treatment

Overcoming Challenges

A shortage of capacity in the UK’s wastewater treatment infrastructure is adversely affecting developers, with land being ‘frozen’, projects severely delayed and costs of planning contributions multiplying. In some areas of the UK, the issue is being magnified by ecological constraints and the
need to demonstrate nutrient neutrality. EPS has a solution. We are working in partnership with Icosa Water, the leading player in the fast-emerging NAV
sector, meaning that developments can gain the relevant OFWAT and Environment Agency approvals and treatment plants can be built and operated through a single package of service providers.

Why EPS and Icosa Water?

EPS has partnered with Icosa Water to unlock development potential and build essential wastewater infrastructure for new communities. 

We have been engaged by several leading house-building companies for the design and construction of several new wastewater treatment plants of 1,000 population equivalent and above for residential developments, in areas where there is insufficient wastewater capacity available within the local infrastructure. 

This includes the provision of solutions for sites requiring additional treatment to achieve nutrient neutrality status. Together, we are unlocking development potential and building essential wastewater infrastructure for new communities.




  • Proven track record in the successful design, build & operation of
    wastewater treatment plants
  • Full in-house design, manufacturing, installation & commissioning capabilities
  • Unrivalled portfolio of in-house & third-party licensed technologies
    (not tied to a single process solution)
  • A background in operating treatment plants for water companies and developing a hands-on understanding of asset lifecycles
  • Over 50 years experience in delivering treatment projects for the
    main water utilities

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Wastewater Solutions
for Smaller Communities

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