Wastewater Monitoring
Clavins Bridge, Co. Meath

EPS Group supplied, installed and commissioned raw water and post treated water instrumentation and monitoring at Clavins Bridge WTP for Meath County Council.

Project Title



Meath County Council


Control & Monitoring

About the Project

Following publication of the EPA Drinking Water Regulation Guidance Booklet No. 4 (2008) , Meath County Council has led the way with the installation of this very extensive monitoring system at Clavins Bridge.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s guidance booklet provides methodology and direction to local authorities regarding implementation of water monitoring and risk screening.

A water source containing instrumentation and monitoring as per the EPA Regulation Guidance Booklet 2008 is a wealth of useful data for the safe provision of a drinking water (potable) supply.

EPS has successfully installed and commissioned the following at Clavins Bridge:

Raw water instrumentation and monitoring:

  • Amtax Sc ammonia analyser
  • Total organic carbon UV absorption instrument
  • Dissolved oxygen
  • Turbidity meter
  • Particle counter
  • pH
  • Temperature

Post treatment instrumentation and monitoring:

  • Turbidity meter
  • Particle counter
  • Aluminium analyser
  • Pressure differential detection across sand filters

All instruments are manufactured by Hach Lange.


The raw water instruments are located at the water intake to the treatment plant.  The intake is remote to the main plant, necessitating an outdoor all-weather kiosk.

These instruments transfer monitoring data to the main office via a universal controller.  This controller is linked to the main plant office via bus protocol (serial communications system exclusive to Hach Lange).

This is only the second site in the country which employs this communications system.

The post treatment instruments are located in the main treatment plant building.  They communicate with the main plant office in a similar fashion.

The EPS Technical Team ensured that:

  • This turn-key package is extremely robust and most importantly is user friendly
  • Full effective training is provided on all instruments
  • Planned preventative maintenance contract is in place