Warsaw Data Centre, Poland

EPS successfully completed a turnkey stick built mechanical and electrical installation of an AHU cooling water treatment plant for Mercury Engineering in March 2024.

Project Title

Industrial Data Centre


Mercury Engineering


Filtration & Disinfection

Our Data Centre Experience

EPS’ history in the data centre cooling water sector dates back to 2013. Over this time, we have developed water treatment processes that are designed to provide the resilience demanded within this sector. The challenge and expertise is to rethink tried and tested existing water treatment technologies and evolve/innovate same to the very specific demands of a data centre project.



Mercury Engineering

Contract Duration
1 Months
1 m³/hr
Water Storage
1 Hours

Project Specifics

The data centre consisted of 2 No. Colo’s each 9.8 MW. EPS’ scope consisted of full water treatment plant design. This is noteworthy as it’s the first EPS data centre in Europe to use a ground water source as its sole source of cooling water. Municipal potable water was not an option due to planning constraints. The max design service flowrate of the water treatment equipment is 27m3 per hr. The site wide delivery pumping capacity is 36m3 per hr peak flow. EPS ensured the first step of the project was a detailed analytical design review of the ground water (aquifer) chemistry and quality, which was essential to understand the sustainability and treatability of the ground water source. This was particularly important as part of the treatment process incorporating a reverse osmosis process step. This challenging project, spanned 24 months, beginning with a full EPS design and submittal approval process.

Once approval was granted, it was all systems go for the M&E install phase with EPS working with our Polish partners. This is a cornerstone of the EPS offering, namely to use local partners during the build and commissioning phase to ensure the overall install meets with all the correct local guidelines and standards. The EPS data centre offering is based on sustainability of design, disinfection being a case in point – maintaining consistency of water quality and chemistry is one area our clients cannot compromise on. Thoughtful design is very important to ensure optimisation of water supply and lower operating costs. During this project, our Project Manager Bernard O’Flynn sadly passed away and we dedicate this project to Bernard’s memory and to his family. We would also like to express our thanks to Mercury Engineering’s Project Director John Gallagher and his team for their support on this successful project.

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