Dundalk WwTP
Co. Louth

Original build completed in 2002. 20 year O&M contract commenced in January 2004.  Installation of a sludge drier completed in 2007.


Project Title



Louth County Council


Extended Aeration

About the Project

EPS was contracted to build the complete Dundalk Wastewater Treatment Plant including:

  • two glass-lined steel digesters of total volume ca. 9500 m³
  • 2 no. CHPs of electrical output 275 kW per unit
  • a boiler of thermal output 1100kW
  • all ancillary equipment e.g. sludge heat exchangers, dump radiators, SCADA

We subsequently installed a complete sludge drying system and hold the contract to operate and maintain Dundalk Wastewater Treatment Plant.