EPS restores water well in Uganda

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We have never been happier to see the transformative power of water first hand!

EPS, the Blackstairs Group Water Scheme (GWS) and Wells of Life, a charity working on the ground in Uganda recently combined forces to fully restore the water well for the 1000+ community in Nakaziba village, Mityana, Uganda.

The community well, which had functioned perfectly in the past, had become obsolete having been drilled more than 10/15 years ago, with rusted and broken parts, meaning that the women and children of the village had to walk for hours to source drinking water from swamps.

Most of the money for the restoration works was in fact generated at the Blackstairs GWS site in Rathnure, Wexford, operated by EPS. 

Blackstairs is a demonstration site for the Dwr-Uisce Pump-as-Turbine renewable energy project, which harnesses the energy of the incoming source water with a conventional pump which acts as a turbine to generate electricity. The well was restored using the monetary value of energy saved at the treatment plant by the Dwr Uisce Renewable Energy Project.

Manager of the GWS, Dymphna Skelton was delighted with what has been made possible by the generosity and partnership between BGWS, EPS and Wells of Life, Ireland.  





This is about so much more than just water - this is about freeing the women and children of the village from walking hours and miles to a water source which is still not clean.
It's about freeing them of sickness and ill health due to drinking unclean water.
It's about those children now being able to attend school and further their educational hopes, dreams and horizons.

Transforming Lives

The well in the village has now been completely refurbished with new liners, stainless steel rods, new head & concrete casing. 

Fresh clean water is now available to the 1045 people living there, so it’s little wonder there are so many happy smiling faces now that they have clean, safe water once again.

In it’s 10 year existence, Wells of Life has funded in excess of 530 wells in rural Uganda, each of which benefits roughly 1,000 people. 

Aidan Jordan, Operations Manager with Wells of Life says “We hope that we can build on this relationship for the betterment of the lives of even more people in rural Uganda in the future”. 

At EPS, we are aligning ourselves with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and this well restoration plays a part in:

Goal 1 – No Poverty

Goal 2 – Zero Hunger

Goal 3 – Good Health & Well-Being

Goal 4 – Quality Education 

Goal 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation