EPS & Biowater Announce Partnership


EPS Group and Biowater Technology have recently agreed a technology partnership for the Irish and UK markets.

Biowater Technology, with a head office in Norway and a subsidiary in the United States, is a leading technology partner for biological water and wastewater treatment. Their product portfolio includes the Complete Mix Fix Film (CMFF®) derivative of the MBBR process, the Combined Fixed Film Activated Sludge (CFAS®) as well as packaged plants and patented technologies such as the innovative and patented Continuous Flow Intermittent Cleaning (CFIC®) process. Biowater Technology’s solution mix is highly versatile and easily integrated into existing plants and offer significant Capex and Opex benefits and reduced footprint where compared to similar technologies in the market.

The key employees of Biowater have been key in developing the MBBR technology since the early 1990's and since starting Biowater in 2007 have been developing the next generation MBBR technologies with focus on energy savings and fooprint", says Terje Andersen, founder and CMO of Biowater. "Entering into a partnership with EPS will give us an opportunity to enter into the Irish and UK market in a very professional way, integrating our technologies in the total solutions provided by EPS"

EPS, as a leading DBO and integration specialist, will provide this innovative technology to customers in the regulated and non-regulated sectors.

In meeting the needs of our customers, EPS is delighted to add the Biowater cutting edge technology offering to our existing portolio. Our partnership will ensure more innovative solutions, especially in the areas of retrofit, tighter consents, reuse of existing assets and energy reduction in the solutions we provide on an ongoing basis for our clients and customers. We look forward to working with the Biowater team in the development of a market leading partnership and one that provides value for our customers.

About Biowater Technology

Biowater Technology was founded in 2007 by the same people that started the company Kaldnes, which developed and patented the MBBR technology in the late 1980’s/beginning of 1990’s. The team behind Biowater has experience from over 300 projects and installations of biofilm/bioreactors.

Since the start in 2007, Biowater, in addition to selling their CMFF® (MBBR) and CFAS® (IFAS) solutions, focused its activity on developing the next generation biofilm technology (CFIC®) and package plants to be used in industrial and municipal waste water and with focus on energy savings, footprint and reuse of water.

Biowater Technology has their head office in Tønsberg, Norway, with a subsidiary in Rhode Island, USA. The company has established partnerships in 12 countries on three continents since the start of 2007.