Bison joins forces with Conder and Premier Tech


The Bison division of EPS has joined forces with Conder, a subsidiary company of the EPS Group, to form a partnership with one of the world’s leaders in rotomould manufacturing and decentralised wastewater treatment technologies, Premier Tech. Headquartered in Canada, Premier Tech is an active player in three key industrial sectors:-
– Environmental technologies
– Industrial equipment
– Horticulture and agriculture

This joint company between Premier Tech and EPS will be known as Conder Aqua Solutions.
EPS Group has been operating in the packaged treatment market within Ireland directly since 1995. The Bison division was formed as a consequence in 2000 to service the needs of the Irish market. Bison is involved in the design, manufacture, distribution and commissioning of a variety of packaged treatment solutions in the Republic of Ireland and distributes products that are outsourced manufactured in Ireland for wastewater treatment 6-25PE as well as the extended range of Conder tank products.

Conder provides water and wastewater pumping, storage, separation and treatment solutions to both the UK and export markets, backed by over 40 years of experience and expertise in these products and markets. The company has a well-regarded and recognised brand coupled with extensive experience in GRP manufacture from Europe’s largest automated GRP production facility based at Peterlee. In 2008, EPS Group acquired Conder Environmental Solutions Ltd and formed Conder Solutions.

Bison has joined forces with Conder to form a partnership with Premier Tech’s Environmental Technology Group. The partnership will involve the introduction of rotomould manufacturing technology including a new range of innovative and European tested wastewater treatment technologies, as well as storage, rainwater harvesting and other rotomould tank products.
The two market leading brands of Bison and Conder, strengthened by the EPS brand, reputation and expertise provide Premier Tech with immediate, significant presence and market share from which to introduce new and innovative market-leading technologies, while the partnership aligns both Bison and Conder with one of the leaders in rotomould manufacturing and decentralised wastewater treatment technologies worldwide. The company will operate from now on under Conder Aqua Solutions.

This partnership is a huge development for the Irish market. The introduction of the new technologies will ensure the best and most appropriate products will be available to meet the increased demand arising as a result of the septic tank inspection programme in Ireland".

Our partnership with Premier Tech and alignment of Bison with Conder brings significant strategic advantage to the group. EPS prides itself in offering market leading and sustainable solutions that solve our customer needs. With our partnership, EPS's distribution, process and regional resource, coupled with Premier Tech's innovation in rotomould, product design and manufacturing, we are creating a market leading offering for our customers across Ireland. Recent government legislation concerning septic tanks in Ireland brings with it responsibilities for the industry to introduce new and more innovative solutions to solve the problems that exist with the current installed base. Our partnership will ensure that Conder Aqua Solutions will develop and provide such innovation and leadership for the industry

Henri Ouellet, President of Premier Tech’s Environmental Technology Group comments, “Premier Tech is proud to join forces with EPS and Conder Solutions to form Conder Aqua Solutions in order to deploy the Conder and Bison brands as well as some of Premier Tech brands and technologies in Ireland and UK and in the countries where Conder is exporting.  Premier Tech will bring exclusive technologies, products and know-how to Conder Aqua Solutions which will contribute in accelerating its development as a leader in its field”.

About Premier Tech

  • Headquarters: Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec, Canada
  • Founded: 1923
  • Premier Tech has a presence in the global horticultural and agricultural, industrial packaging equipment and environmental sectors
  • 2,500 team members worldwide
  • Presence in 22 countries
  • 25 manufacturing plants globally
  • 200 team members focused on Research & Development
  • Sales in 2013: $444m